The Beginner’s Guide to SEO

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After completing your design, you are now ready to submit your site to the directories, then optimization begins. You would like to see your site listed in the main search engines and be on top if possible. But this can only happen if you follow the proper guidelines before submitting your site for inclusion.

Is my site ready to send?

Before sending your site, you should pay the special attention to the quality ideas, which describe some of the illicit practices that may result in the complete removal of the site from the main search engines, otherwise sanctioned. You would not want that, right?

Basic instructions

– Make your site clear in hierarchical links and text. This means that each page of your site must be accessible from at least one text link.

– Create a sitemap page for your users with links that indicate the important pages of your site.

– Make a useful site, rich in content. Provide your visitors with fresh and meaningful content, allowing them to return or create a link to your site.

– Think of the words that users would write to finding your pages and then be certain that your site contains those words.

On-site optimization can take a long time, but to really increase traffic, you should focus on creating links. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as working with your content. The search engine algorithms have recently been modified to include backlinks in the formula used to classify your website.

This means that the higher quality and relevant links you have on your site, the better your site will be through Google, Yahoo, etc. The key here is the quality and relevance of the backlinks compared to those found in the link exchange. farms There are some good ways to do it. The first and the simplest is to send your website to online directories.

Another great way to create backlinks is to write articles like this. There are tons of websites that accept sent articles and allow other webmasters to use them. However, to use an article, the webmasters must also place the information related to the author as defined by the author.

It is a good idea to the place a link, with a good anchor text, to your website in this section. Assuming that your website has valuable information for other users, you can also try to contact other webmasters directly.

Tell them that your website can be a great resource for your users. Depending on the size and popularity of the website, it may or may not be linked. If it does not, shake it and continue connecting. My last piece of advice on search engine optimization is to be persistent and patient. Search engines, especially Google, have begun to evaluate backlinks based on their longevity. Just try it out and get the best.

Therefore, the longer a backlink survives, the more value it has. This may mean that it will take months to reach the front row, but do not waste your efforts, your efforts will be rewarded.

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